Wheaton Illinois Travel – Four Places Of Interest To Explore

Even the courthouse is a sight to see in Wheaton. You’re going to discover that Wheaton is a gorgeous city, and its natural beauty is all available for you to explore. Just wait until you see what adventures are in store for you. Here are four of the most popular attractions and places of interest in Wheaton IL.

Since I mentioned natural beauty, let’s start with the Blackwell Forest Preserve. It is located at the intersection of Williams Road and Mack Road. It is a great place to visit during all seasons. There are great nature trails there, and you can also go camping there. Reviews mention kayaking, canoeing and fishing. People also talk about archery and topping the ski hill to check out a beautiful sunrise or sunset. It’s perhaps the best natural area to explore and enjoy all kinds of activities when you’re in Wheaton IL.

The next stop is 500 acres known as Cantigny Park. The location is 1S151 Winfield Road. The First Division Museum is located on the grounds there, as is The McCormick House. It’s a place to see more of the natural beauty of Wheaton and also check out a historical attraction and museum artifacts. Cantigny Park and the gardens are said to be meticulously maintained, and everything waiting for you would make for a fun adventure.

How about a visit to the French Market? This market is located at the corner of Liberty Drive and Main Street. There is fresh produce, crepes, flowers, jewelry and much more available for purchase there. People also mention honey and soaps. Food vendors are on site, so you can grab a delicious bite to eat, perhaps picking up some baked goods for dessert or to take home.

The Billy Graham Center Museum is also located in Wheaton. It just keeps getting better and better, right? This museum is located at 500 College Avenue on the campus of Wheaton College. Learn all about the life of Billy Graham through interesting exhibits, and there is usually art on display there, too, according to reviews.

The four Wheaton, Illinois attractions mentioned will help you get to know the city a little more, and there are other adventures waiting for you as well. Wheaton is such a beautiful city, part of two townships, and you are going to have an amazing time checking out the natural beauty of this travel destination and everything it has to offer.